Integrate, Expand, Secure


Designed exclusively by Henge Docks for use with Horizontal Dock


With DockApp and Horizontal Dock, connecting to your workspace has never been so simple. Automatic docking, firmware updates, and drive ejection ensure a seamless and efficient integration into your workflow.


Set up hotkey shortcuts, direct access to audio switching, or use MacBook password protection. DockApp offers customization for your dock and MacBook that creates a workspace perfectly suited to your needs.


Protect your MacBook in your Horizontal Dock by enabling DockApp Security. When activated, DockApp security locks the docking mechanisms in place whenever the MacBook is using password protection. Combined with Kensington Lock, your MacBook is effectively locked to your desk.


Audio Switching

Allows for quick selection of input and output audio devices. Remembers settings at your workstations.


Prevent undocking when DockApp Security is activated and the MacBook is locked.


Turn on Automated Docking to allow dock to initiate docking process as soon as MacBook is detected in place.

Drive Ejection

Turn on Auto-Eject Drives to safely disconnect your external drives automatically before undocking begins.

Hotkey Undocking

Trigger with hotkey undocking.

Menu Bar Integration

DockApp integration in the menu bar allows for quick understanding of dock status and easy access to settings.


Current version: 3.0.1

Designed exclusively by Henge Docks for use with Horizontal Dock